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The Best Golf Shoes for Every Golfer

Golf shoes are much more important than you might have initially thought. Let me help you find the best ones for your game, style, and budget!

Cover Photo for Best Golf Drivers for Slice

Still fighting that dreaded slice? Your driver could also be holding you back. In this article, I recommend a few drivers that you can add the weight to the heel of the club. Find out why!

Top 5 Best Budget Drivers Under 100

You better not spend $400+ on a club that will only give you an extra couple yards. If you are on the market for a new driver,  check out my most popular article yet, the Best Drivers on a Budget!

The right golf bag can make a huge difference. If your bag is not suited for your playing style or storage needs, I can help you find  one that is perfect for YOU!

Cover Photo for Best Full Set of Golf Clubs for Beginners

There are tons of complete sets on the market. It isn’t easy to filterout the bad ones though, so I’ve done it for you! Here are five solid, complete sets for beginner golfers!

Top 5 Best Budget Golf Hybrids Under 50

Hybrids have one purpose in golf: to make it easier. If you don’t have at least one hybrid in your bag already, I’ll help you pick the best value ones that money can buy!

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GolfClubGuru.com has made choosing the perfect golf clubs for me extremely easy. I didn’t think I had enough money to buy a good set of clubs, but they proved otherwise. I can’t thank you enough!
Will McWhirtWeekend Warrior
This site has saved me tons of money on golf! Their best advice was to diligently search for the best course memberships in my area. If I didn’t take that advice, I’d be spending an extra $200 each month at a lower quality course.
Ryan CrosbyNew Golfer
Golf has a reputation for being extremely expensive. However, GolfClubGuru.com proved that wrong! I love reading all of the blog posts about the best value equipment, as well as the simple buying guides for female golfers!
Jennifer JonesBeginner on a Budget