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Global Golf is the largest online retailer in golf. Their selection of both new and used clubs is extremely impressive, and their prices can be surprisingly low for such a large company. If you are looking for a specific combination of shaft & flex that you can’t find elsewhere, I’d definitely recommend checking out Global Golf.

They constantly run promotions like 20-40% off all used clubs or $xx off purchases of $xx or more. They also have a killer clearance section that’s updated daily. $15 Promo

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Looking to buy golf clubs but don’t want to shell out a ton of money? With the coupon code below, you can save $15 on a purchase of $75 or more. Anytime a deal like this occurs, I always try to baaaaarely squeeze by the minimum so I get the largest % of savings possible.

They have some great drivers and hybrids available for just a tad bit over the $75 coupon code limit, so check them out if you are interested!

They also have the largest selection of Ping golf clubs. Just hit the “Ping” tab in the top left of the screen and check out all of the great prices on new and used Ping clubs. $10 Off a Round

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I get tired of playing the same course all the time. I like to play as many courses as I can, as long as my wallet lets me. and are huge lifesavers for me, as I can explore new courses without exploring the world of being homeless.

I’m a sucker for their late afternoon deals, as I love finishing up a round in the dark. Click on the coupon code below for 20% off an already discounted tee time! 15% Off

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3Balls has some AWESOME deals on used golf clubs. I used to buy from them all of the time. They undervalue/underrate their clubs, which is great for customers by setting expectations relatively low.

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Callaway Pre-Owned: 20-40% Off

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Callaway Golf Pre-Owned is one of my favorites sites on the internet to buy used clubs. In case you didn’t know already, they actually have more brands of golf clubs than just Callaway! They offer a wide variety of conditions, models, and brands, which is very important when finding the best club selection for you.

Their club condition gradings are very conservative, so rest assured that you won’t get screwed over by them. They have incredible customer service!

Check out the coupon below for 30% off your purchase. But, don’t neglect their clearance section! Their clearance section has some incredible used deals. The prices decrease by 1% until they are sold, but don’t wait too long or else the club will be gone.