Best for Used Clubs: Callaway Golf PreOwned

callaway preowned golf black friday deals

Callaway Golf Pre-Owned is the site to go to for Black Friday. Authentic clubs, great service, and crazy low-prices during this time of the year. And don’t forget: they have all brands of clubs, not just Callaway!

You’d be surprised, but many used golf club sites (especially eBay) will have you left with fake, inauthentic clubs that look JUST LIKE the real thing. So having full confidence in the authenticity of the clubs is HUGE.

Don’t skip out on the clearance section, by the way. They have tons of different brands for sale (not just Callaway) at deals that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

As of right not, it looks like their Black Friday deals will be 40% off of their already fair prices.


Best for Overall Selection of Equipment: Global Golf

Global Golf is one of the largest golf club sellers online. They have a super wide selection of inventory at fair prices. However, in general, their prices aren’t QUITE as good as Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, but their overall selection is better.

For 2019 Black Friday, they currently have used golf clubs at 15% off for the rest of November. We expect them to release special Black Friday sales as we creep closer, so we’ll keep this page updated as soon as anything changes.


Best for Trading In & Upgrading Clubs: 2nd Swing Golf

best black friday website buy golf clubs

If you are looking to trade some clubs in and upgrade, I highly recommend 2nd Swing Golf. The process is super simple, and it’ll clear out some room for new clubs! They have the highest trade-in values on the market.

Plus, their prices are very competitive for used clubs. You’ll have to scroll through a lot of clubs that no-one really wants, which can be a little annoying. However, you’ll find lots of great deals as you scroll through the pages of listings.

Personally, I wouldn’t use 2nd swing golf this year unless you just have clubs that you want to trade in and get some credits for.


Best for Loyalty Program: 3Balls

3balls review good site

3Balls is a highly underrated site. I used to buy a lot of my clubs from them when I played everyday.

Great service, great prices, and fast shipping. Hard to ask for much more than that! They also have one of the best loyalty programs in golf, which is surprisingly not very common.

3Balls has a great selection of NEW clubs, too, for those that can afford it. Me? I’ll stick to buying slightly used clubs at substantial discounts.

They are currently taking 15% off used golf clubs, just like global golf. I believe they ran 30% last year on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, so I would expect roughly the same this year.


Best 2019 Black Friday & Cyber Money Deals for All Golf Equipment (ONLY FROM TRUSTWORTHY SELLERS, THOUGH): eBay

ebay cyber monday deals

eBay wants your business, no doubt. They are constantly fighting with Amazon for sales, so they tend to offer a flat percentage off of sales around this time of the year.

Their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are typically about 10% off, either in the form of order discounts or eBay Bucks, which is similar to cash back that you can use on future purchases on eBay.

The problem is, there are TONS of fake clubs on eBay. Plus, you might deal with sellers with little experience in golf, packaging, shipping, etc. To be honest, I strongly discourage golfers from using eBay, UNLESS they are buying from legitimate, reliable sellers. I’d look for sellers with 5,000+ feedback and 99+% positives.

Thankfully for you, eBay is EXTREMELY buyer focused. Therefore, you can almost always get your money back if something does wrong…. but the whole process can be a huge hassle.


Best for Golf Technology Products: Amazon

golf technology gps range finder

Amazon, the largest retailer in the world, obviously wants your business this holiday season. The problem is, they just don’t have a great selection of golf clubs. Why? Beats me – they are clearly losing out to eBay and other golf retailers when it comes to golf clubs.

So what’s worth buying this Black Friday from Amazon? Typically technology related products, like range finders and GPS watches. We’ve seen some great flash deals for these products in the past!


Best for Golf Balls: Local Sporting Goods Stores (Academy, Dicks, etc)

golf ball deals 2019

If you are like me, you like going into actual stores to physically see and feel things, as opposed to blindly buying online. Dicks (and other sporting goods stores) also have a downside though: like overhead. They have to pay for buildings and lots of employees, so they can’t offer such good deals.

What they CAN beat online companies for, though, is golf balls! It costs online companies a high percentage to ship the balls, while Dicks doesn’t have to deal with shipping. And they take advantage! You can typically find great deals for new golf balls at these big box golf stores during this time of year.