Finding the right golf clubs for kids can be tough.

You might be asking yourself:

  • “How much should I spend?”
  • “Are there good and bad brands of kids golf clubs?”
  • “I should probably just go with the cheapest set on Amazon, right?”

Well, hopefully I can help you answer these questions and find the best set of golf clubs for your child!

I’ll give you a quick rundown before recommending that you break off into buying for a boy or girl.

The US Kids Golf (USKG) brand is incredible on every level. They provide the highest quality clubs at a price that typically beats out even the lower quality brands.

It amazes me to this day that other kids golf brands have decent sales.

If you don’t go the US Kids route, I would stick with Callaway, Wilson, and Ping, as they all make high quality junior sets that won’t break quickly and easily.

If you are looking for the best golf clubs for a boy, check out  my detailed post by clicking the image below!

If you are looking for golf clubs for a girl, click the picture below to determine which set fits her best!